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Laughers, get ready to dive into a riveting journey in the Shenandoah Valley as we unveil the hidden narratives of bravery, espionage, and resilience embedded within the Civil War Trail Sites. In this episode, we're joined by Drew Gruber, Executive Director of a team behind the captivating storytelling initiative that brings the history of generals, soldiers, citizens and the enslaved across 6 states and over 1200 sites. Get ready to embark on an adventure as we focus our lens on the 12 Civil War sites nestled in Front Royal, VA. This episode kicks off a podcast series on this small town that promises to unravel the lesser-known tales of this historic gem. In this series, you’ll discover other things you can see or do plus find out about some of the fun places you can stop for great BBQ & beer where you can take time to reflect perhaps on what you would have done if it were you? From the courageous exploits of Civil War spies to the enduring impact of the conflict on our modern communities, Drew sheds light on the remarkable stories etched into the fabric of our nation's history. Join us as we journey through time, exploring the vibrant tapestry of narratives that continue to shape our understanding of the past and inspire a deeper connection to our shared heritage. Don't miss this opportunity to unearth the secrets of Front Royal and beyond, as we set the stage for an unforgettable exploration into the heart of Civil War country. Whether you’re a history buff, a community enthusiast, or just looking for a spark of adventure, this episode is for you. Cheers!

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