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Laughers, gear up for a ride that takes some twists and turns with Coach Averi Ferari, an ex pro cyclist and former Air Force Staff Sergeant on security detail for the President. Prepare to dive into her unique journey where the worlds of military discipline, competitive cycling and two kinesiology degrees at James Madison University collide creating an already rewarding career path. From discussing the rigors of preparing for the Olympics while serving in the Air Force, Averi reveals an intimate glimpse into her life-altering experiences both on and off the bike. As she speaks candidly about her transition, she reminds us of the empathy and understanding needed to bridge communication within our communities, a lesson we can all benefit from. Discover how Averi likens her coaching approach to a passport check—meticulously customized to navigate the diverse terrain of each athlete's ambitions and history. Find out how her academic background in kinesiology underpins a commitment to evidence-based workout designs that resonate with the body’s own language. Listen to Averi’s coaching philosophy of crafting individualized training regimens that harmonize recovery with the demands of daily life. Listen to tales of resilience and memorable moments—like the clang of chains at a UCI World Cup in the Czech Republic. Catch the joy she finds pedaling through Harrisonburg; the life lessons gained from being "dropped" and what she looks forward to next with Otterhaus Coaching. Tune in today to join Dawn Davis Womack, your hostess with the most real talks and guest Coach Averi for another laughter-fueled episode. Cheers!

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