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Laughers, ready for a historical adventure with a bit of humor as we take a “Cent” tour? Tune in for a fun one with Penny Imeson, Executive Director of Rocktown History in Dayton. You’ll get to hear the story of her historical “office”; her unconventional start and be inspired by her passion for piecing together the past to transform the museum into a hub of heritage. From organizing “Coffee Mills” events brewing up stories of the past to technology-driven research, she’s uncovering the layered stories of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County. Delve into the Civil War’s impact and marvel at exhibits like the centennial celebration of the local baseball league. Volunteers, the lifeblood of the museum, contribute to everything from landscaping to exhibitions, while a process ensures each artifact holds a special place in local history. Discover the role of agriculture, immigration, and religious culture in the tapestry of the region. Want to trace your lineage? The genealogy library's extensive resources can connect you to ancestral milestones. Find out about plans for a more kid-friendly museum, engaging community talks, and the potential for exhibits in downtown Harrisonburg where the importance of preserving and sharing our collective narrative comes to light. So, whether you’re a history buff or a comical connoisseur, don’t miss these tales of Rocktown’s legacy and learn how you can play a part in its preservation. Plus, find out how you can support local history and stay tuned for more rib-tickling revelations this fall! Cheers!

Rocktown History ~

Location: 382 High Street, Dayton, Virginia 22821


Phone: (540) 879-2681

Instagram: @rocktownhistory

Facebook: Rocktown History HRHS

YouTube: Rocktown History @rocktownhistory5506

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