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Laughers, prepare to journey into your own heart and mind to discover unhidden challenges that can sabotage your personal growth with our guest Letitia Bates. She’s a renowned coach, award winning speaker and #1 Amazon bestseller author who sheds light on the transformative power of self awareness and healing from trauma. This episode is sure to tug at those heartstrings as much as it tickles your funny bone! We’ll dive deep into the art of emotional healing as Letitia walks us through practices like tapping to address the intricate challenges of stress and past trauma. Get real about the physiological nuances of "little t" triggers, why the familiar discomfort of past abuse attracts us in relationships, and the transformative power of recognizing our own patterns of victimhood and scarcity mindset. Letitia's expertise isn’t just theoretical; she shares her poignant personal story of overcoming abuse and abandonment, leading to her discovery of EMDR therapy and coaching others toward growth. With relatable discussions on emotional intelligence and the importance of acknowledging and validating unresolved emotions, this episode offers strategies for fostering resilience in a world rife with change. As always, we infuse our robust friendly dialogue with the lightness and humor you've come to expect from this podcast, culminating in delightful detours of enjoying gourmet popcorn flavors from our sponsor, PrePOPsterous. Discover self-compassion and the power to transform adversity into agility. If you're ready to reclaim your emotions and take control of your growth, tune in for a guide to nurturing your own heart and mind. Cheers to healing laughter and self-discovery with an extra special dedication to all the “Susies” out there;-) Enjoy!

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