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Laughers, get ready to explore a world of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing in this zen oasis! Our host, the fun-loving Dawn Davis Womack is joined by the charismatic Lou Botkin, Massage Therapist, Owner and the heart of Escapes Spa. Tune in to hear Lou’s story of Arizona roots, fascinating August County farm life and her wisdom on how to turn self-care into a holistic sanctuary for the soul. As Dawn’s massage therapist, Lou has been an integral part of Dawn’s healing journey from past traumas. Delight in their friendly banter throughout this episode and uncover the fun nickname Dawn has for Lou! Broaden your perspective of holistic wellness as we unravel the benefits of various massage modalities, explore energy healing with Reiki, learn about rain bath therapy and discuss why it's time to retire the notion that busyness equals productivity. From the importance of scheduled self-care rituals to the specialty of prenatal massages, learn about embracing the balance between doing and being. Plus, you’ll discover what parts of the body hold onto the past, the present and more! It’s time to get cozy, and let this episode be your retreat as we laugh, learn, and unwind together. Cheers to your well-being, your own self-care practices and until next time, keep smiling…bye!

Escapes Spa ~

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Location: 21 Southgate Ct #102, Harrisonburg, VA 

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Physical Location: 400 N Main St, Bridgewater, VA 


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