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Laughers, take a dive into a topic we all chew on daily—nutrition! Katie Welborn, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NTP, shares her expertise from her roles as Nutrition Coach at Rocktown CrossFit and Nutrition Consultant at Rocktown Medical Spa. We're unpacking everything from sports performance to family health and women’s health with practical take away tips to help you transform your nutrition. With a background as a health psychology professional, get the scoop on the power of real-life changes in the realm of fitness and wellness after the birth of Katie’s first baby. Transitioning from cardio to strength training, Katie shares the surprising impact of a smart diet, the power of protein, and why food tracking can kickstart behavior change. We touch on the benefits of a fasting window and highlight the journey to better health by giving that digestive system some downtime. Explore with us the idea that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all and learn why adding protein to your breakfast can kick-start your day the right way. The episode is peppered with humor as our guest debunks diet trends and offers practical strategies for sustainable nutritional habits. Whether you want to enhance your athletic performance, improve insulin resistance, or simply feel your best, this episode provides helpful tips, personal success stories, and the key to finding the ideal balance in your dietary choices. So Laughers, raise your water bottles, reset those daily protein goals, and maybe even learn to love the phrase "it depends" on your way to a healthier lifestyle. Cheers!

Katie Welborn, NTP (Nutrition Therapy Practitioner)

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