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Laughers, gear up for a blend of reflections, motivations, and life lessons that makes this episode a true testament to strength, perseverance, and the love of laughter. In this uplifting episode, Robin Crespo, a fitness expert and seasoned master trainer brings three decades of industry experience to the table. Journey through Robin's resilience and triumphs in life and fitness that have shaped her perspectives, views and played a significant role in elevating the fitness levels of so many. Learn about how home life inspired her own journey into fitness; the pivot in her educational track made under the mentorship from a beloved figure at James Madison University; a pivotal job offer post-graduation; her encounter with Arnold Schwarzegger; her triumphant world-record setting venture back into powerlifting; and hear her take on in-person versus online certification without hands-on experience.  Discover what this impassioned educator believes is the key to truly mastering a subject and unpack with us the significant transformations shaking the fitness landscape with the rise of the digital era. From discussing gym etiquette to embracing the evolution of personal training, Robin Crespo touches on the responsibility professionals have towards their clients in light of emerging research and societal changes. Hear a harrowing tale of escape from a near-fatal motorcycle accident and other close calls with death and how they have shaped her views on living life. Beyond the gym, you’ll get a glimpse of the heart of this amazing human as she shares so authentically her insights and wisdom so transparently it’s refreshing. Don’t miss the takeaways on living life to the fullest as Robin discusses her deep dedication to family, her role as 'gigi', and the joy of being actively involved in her grandchildren's lives. Cheers!

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